Immaclife website launch

I’m back!!!

I know; I’m sorry, It’s been a while… in fact it’s been an absolute eternity since my last blog. On a positive note though I now have so much to post about I don’t know where to start…

Check-out my latest blog at to find out what we’ve been up to and what’s been keeping us so busy.

(All future posts will be posted on my website)

Thank you for your support

Kelly x


3 thoughts on “Immaclife website launch

  1. Hi darling I sent you a message on your blog, I hope you got it … so thrilled to hear your wonderful news! Oh my goodness how exciting! Had a feeling you were! hope you’re feeling well please let’s catch up soon
    lots of love
    Sarah David Zach and baby J.


    Sarah Jane Grad

    Phone: + 971 (0) 507422357


    Instagram: Instaglamdubai

    Facebook: InstaGlam

    Pinterest: Sarah Jane @ Instaglamdubai


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