Dress-up Again Day

This week, Cole’s school like many others around the world is celebrating World Book Day.  And this means yet another dress-up day.  Having been a teacher I know how much the children love these dress-up days, if only not to wear uniform.

The teachers secretly love these days too. Imagine it being acceptable to go to the office dressed up as your favourite book character. Sat in a board meeting dressed as a lion or a witch with your peers and superiors all dressed up in fancy dress around you, whilst discussing the company strategy. It makes me laugh thinking about it but when you’re a teacher work is exactly like that. It is totally acceptable to attend the morning briefing dressed as Buzz Light Year then proceed to your ‘office’ (the classroom) and read your favourite books. And, with any luck Lucy (AKA Alice in Wonderland) from your class may bring in a few cakes for the tea party. Result!

But all this forgets the other major stakeholders in the transaction. The parents.  For the parents out there this almost weekly dress-up gig keeps you spinning.  So far just this year we’ve had no less than 5 dress-up days.  Victorian Day, House Kit Sports Day, International Day, Alice in Wonderland and World Book Day.  But wait, there’s more to come. Math Day is later this month and I’m sure they’ll manage to squeeze a few more in before the end of the year.

So, what to do?  Remortgage the house and head to your local Party Zone store?  Raid the dress-up box at home and tweak the previous costume?  School lost property room?  Plastic bag? Matt’s said he is going to write to the school suggesting something novel: that they hold a ‘wear your school uniform to school and do your lessons, day’.  Ha!

This time we went with option 1, or a slight variation on 1, and it was great.  In preparation for World Book, our local Party Zone had been raided like Primark during a sale. Cole had his heart set on Harry Potter.  By the time we arrived, all of the Harry Potter capes had gone, leaving only Harry’s wand, glasses and tie available for the price of a super-yacht.  So we had to get creative, and we did.  We nabbed all the Harry stuff we could, and then a non-Harry cape.  With the cape turned inside out to hide the fact it didn’t have quite the right logo, the tie was tied, the glasses put on, the wand in hand.  And Harry’s twin brother Garry Potter was born.  As close to Harry as ‘effing is to blinding.  Cole was delighted and another dress up day was behind us.  Onward to the next one.


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Happy World Book Day.


Love, Piper x



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