Make-up tips thanks to Mario Dedivanovic

Did I mention I met Kim Kardashian last weekend (sorry)?

The whole event was certainly one I will never forget. We arrived at 9am, two hours before the show was due to start and the queue was already growing fast; snaking away for over a hundred metres from the doors of the event.  On reflection I think it is more accurate to describe the arrival arrangements as a line up and cat-walk as opposed to a queue. As the women – Emiratis and expats alike – arrived in the hotel’s valet parking, they alighted from a vast array of very luxury cars: Rolls-Royces, Porsches, Ferraris, Bentleys and the Dubai ubiquitous G-Wagon but to name a few.  As the women stepped out it was clear that the day was about as glamorous as you would expect.  Chanel handbags and Christian Louboutin shoes were everywhere. Most of the women there had been getting immac for hours; possibly even days in some cases.

One lady carefully stepped out of her Maserati onto the cobbled drive sporting a pair of killer heels and Cole said, ‘mum, there she is, it’s Kim!’.  It wasn’t, but she certainly made a very good body double.  There were lots of women who were quite obviously imitating Kim Kardashian, and doing a good job of it. It really was a surreal experience.

When we got underway Kim came out wearing ripped jeans and a plain white vest.  Her ensemble included a simple wedding band, pale nail polish on short nails and no make-up.  What. So. Ever.  And she looked so beautiful.  You could see immediately that she has that star quality.

Enough of the star-gazing.  Onto the substance.  At the end of the day, the show was about makeup.  With that said, onto some of the useful tips that Mario gave us whilst applying make-up to Kim Kardashian…for 4 hours.  Yes, fully, 4 hours of make-up application. What Mr. Mario lacked in charisma and personality he certainly made up for in technique, skill and expertise.

So I thought i’d share some of what Mario D and Kim recommended:

1) Use concealer on the eye-lids rather than primer. Mario said he never uses primer.

2) Use less make-up on mature skin.

3) The mature woman should avoid shimmer/ glitter on her eye lids.

4) He started with Kim’s eyebrows but said this is not a hard and fast rule.

5) Washing your make-up brushes in baby shampoo with a little tea tree oil. 

6) The mature woman should avoid heavy-pressed powder.

7) Kim recommended a foundation by Joe Blasco.  She said she has been using it since she first went to makeup school at age 14.

We were also treated to an amazing make-up goodie bag when the materclass was done.  Here is what it included:

Lips: (11 lippys)



Skin care:

The Queen of Contour:

There was also a phone case, beauty blenders more lash products and a full set of Nivea skin care products. Just amazing.

I will review a few of the new products and let you know…

Someone asked Kim K what one product she would take on a desert island. What do you think she said?

What is your favourite make-up product?

Love Piper x



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